9th-12th grade
At MOVE students are challenged through intense, interactive worship, dynamic preaching, small group study and community building. MOVE is more than just another conference or camp – it’s an experience! MOVE is committed to helping students take their mountaintop experiences beyond the event by challenging them to become Kingdom workers. To encourage that commitment, each student has the opportunity to open a Kingdom worker card on the last day of MOVE. On that card is a challenge to complete something over the next year, no matter how difficult the task.

There is a stark CONTRAST between a life lived for the King and one lived for anyone or anything else. What are those differences? How should our lives be distinct? Join us as we look at John’s first letter.

Day 2: Light/Dark:
Day 3: Believe/Deny:
Day 4: Obey/Rebel
Day 5: Love/Fear

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